Microsoft Excel based Financial Reporting & Planning

Simple to use and quick to learn, Solution 7 Reporting & Planning is a Microsoft Excel based financial reporting, dashboarding and modelling tool for accountants, analysts and non-expert users.

With Solution 7, you can:

  • Consolidate individual accounting companies and consolidate data with other data sources in a single solution, in real-time and to drill down on that data
  • Support interactive, ‘what-if’ business decision making
  • Present information in a form that appeals to non-expert and non-technical users.

Our market ready adaptors give you instant access to report your way on your data.  Our growing list of adaptors include:

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Featuring Go Anywhere™ technology, Solution 7 Reporting allows you to effortlessly create financial reports and models from almost any data source across your organisation. Additionaly, this data can be combined with external, real time, feeds from organisations like Bloomberg and Reuters to create stunning, live management dashboards.

Why not take Solution 7 for a test drive, start your 30 day free trial today.