Release Notes

SmartView Release Notes
Solution 713.27 KB07 Oct, 2016TXT Download

NetSuite Downloads

SmartView v4.6.6257
Latest version with support for January 7th 2017 E-Fix.
Solution 726.29 MB20 Feb, 2017EXE Download
4.6 BETA Functions
BETA Adapter for testing in version 4.6
Solution 782.56 KB19 Jan, 2017ZIP Download
SmartView Brochure
SmartView Brochure
Solution 75.31 MB03 Jun, 2016PDF Download
ITS Case Study
SmartView Case Study
Solution 71.38 MB05 Nov, 2015PDF Download
CommVault Case Study
SmartView Case Study
Solution 72.66 MB05 Nov, 2015PDF Download
SmartView - Click Through Demo
Step by step Powerpoint slide deck
Solution 710.93 MB06 Nov, 2015PPTM Download
SuiteWorld 2016 Presentation
SmartView presentation slides from SuiteWorld 2016
Solution 714.56 MB16 Nov, 2016PPTX Download

PS Financials Downloads

SmartView v4.7.6138
Excel Financial Reporting for PS Financials
Solution 721.20 MB23 Feb, 2017EXE Download

Dream Downloads

SmartView v4.5.5540 (Stable)
Excel Financial Reporting for Dream
Solution 720.43 MB28 Oct, 2016ZIP Download
SmartView v4.6.6131 (BETA)
Excel Financial Reporting for Dream
Solution 721.67 MB28 Oct, 2016EXE Download
Report 7 v2.3.17
Includes support for Dream 3.2 and above.
Solution 720.31 MB15 Oct, 2014ZIP Download
Dream Budget Upload
Budget spreadsheet manipulation (freeware)
Solution 712.05 MB15 Oct, 2014ZIP Download

ISO Certificates

ISO9001 Certificate
ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate
Solution 7706.24 KB06 Jul, 2015PDF Download
ISO14001 Certificate
ISO14001 Environmental Management Certificate
Solution 7532.77 KB06 Jul, 2015PDF Download
ISO27001 Certificate
ISO27001 Information Security Management Certificate
Solution 71.51 MB10 Oct, 2016PDF Download

Other Downloads

Insight v3.8.12 (Northwind Demo)
Demonstration version of Insight
Solution 711.90 MB15 Oct, 2014ZIP Download
Northwind Database
Microsoft Access Demo Database
Solution 7912.44 KB15 Oct, 2014ZIP Download
Insight v3.6.58 (SFA Oxford)
PGM Data Modelling for Microsoft Excel
Solution 76.51 MB15 Oct, 2014ZIP Download
SmartView v4.2.4995 (Sage 1000 Edition)
Excel Financial Reporting for Sage 1000
Solution 79.87 MB15 Oct, 2014ZIP Download
SmartView v4.0.4938 (SmartPay Edition)
Advanced Management Reporting for Adelante SmartPay
Solution 710.67 MB15 Oct, 2014ZIP Download
Agile In Action - 19th May 2011
Dream User Group Presentation
Simon Miles1.57 MB15 Oct, 2014PPT Download
Insight Studio v3.8.12
IDE for Insight BI
Solution 79.31 MB15 Oct, 2014ZIP Download
SmartView EULA v1.3
 318.75 KB04 Jun, 2015PDF Download