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NetSuite Financial Reporting in Excel

Combine all the power of NetSuite with the familiarity and flexibility of Excel to build and distribute your reports, your way.

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Own Your NetSuite Reporting

We're not recreating the wheel, we're making it spin faster. 

Solution 7 gives finance teams "home advantage" when creating NetSuite reports. Providing a bi-directional integration between Excel and NetSuite, we empower Excel users to create self-service reports by tackling three common challenges:

Dependency on I.T.

 Easily navigate the entire NetSuite data structure, live, in Excel to create plug and play refreshable reports with no need to involve I.T.

Core Financial Reports

For the times when you just need the numbers displayed in the format you want to drive critical financial decisions.

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Access to NetSuite Reporting

Create refreshable reports from live NetSuite data which allow non-NetSuite users to view and query critical information.


Award-winning NetSuite Reporting Tool

Recognised by NetSuite as SuiteApp of the Year, our NetSuite Excel Integration gives customers all over the world a tool to effortlessly build and publish high-quality, complex, real-time NetSuite reports and financial forecasts with full drill-down and drill-back to NetSuite.

How it works

Navigate NetSuite's Data Structure with Ease

Solution 7 enables users to simply point and click through the NetSuite data structure and insert any combination of fields into the desired cells in Excel.


This means that, without needing to learn NetSuite's back-end, you have the flexibility to include whatever you need in your reports, in any order, and then take advantage of native Excel functionality to enhance the information presented.

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Refresh Your Tailored NetSuite Reports with a Single Click

Connecting directly to NetSuite using ODBC, Solution 7 provides a seamless, bi-directional integration which enables users to easily push and pull data to and from NetSuite, instantly.

Simply create the reports you need, including any fields from NetSuite, and whenever you want to see the latest data from NetSuite, just click 'refresh'. Within a few seconds your entire report, dashboard, or pack will be populated with up-to-date information which you can then query and drilldown into until your heart's content.  

Share Your Reports Easily & Securely with Colleagues

Once your reports are designed, populated and ready to go, you can easily give access to colleagues and contributors without needing them to log into NetSuite.


To access the full report with drilldown functionality, simply save the report to a secure shared location with appropriate permissions. Alternatively, you can export your interactive reports to PDF, or include them in a free-text document as static data at any point. However you want to share your information, you can. 

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What type of reports can I create?

NetSuite Financial Reports

Whether you are looking to create a monthly Board Pack, complex budgets and forecasts, or have the flexibility to create reports on the fly, Solution 7 gives you everything you need in an interface you know and love.

Typical Reports we Support in Excel


  • Consolidated P&L 

  • Balance Sheet 

  • Cash Flow

  • Board Reporting

Regulatory Reporting

  • 10Q & 10K 

  • 1099 

  • Trustee Reporting

  • Annual Returns

Operational Reporting

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Payable

  • Inventory

Variance Reporting

  • Actual vs Budget 

  • Budget vs Forecast

  • Forecast vs Revised Forecast 

  • Previous Period Comparisons

Multi-dimensional Analysis

  • By Class, Dept, Location

  • Custom Segments

Don't take our word for it

Hear what our happy NetSuite customers have to say about the impact Solution 7 has had on their business.

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Recognised in 2018 by the Financial Times as the UK's #1 Tech Growth Company, SuperAwesome work with some of the world's best known brands to 'make the internet safer for kids'.


Take 1 minute to hear what their FD, Thomas Platford, had to say!

What our customers say

“With Solution 7 we have simple to understand, accurate reports that give us the confidence to make sound business decisions based on the facts.”

- Mark Ellis, Group Finance Director, Actegy Health

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Solution 7

Solution 7's award-winning SuiteApp provides finance professionals with all the power and capability of NetSuite’s reporting within the familiar and flexible interface of Microsoft Excel.

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