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NetSuite Financial
Planning & Budgeting

All the flexibility you need to plan for any scenario in NetSuite. Simple, secure access for budget holders, and a one-click refresh button in Excel to make sure all of your data is up-to-date with the click of a button. 

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NetSuite Budgeting Made Simple

Giving you all the information you need to drive better decisions.

Whether it's a simple case of providing live data to budget holders outside of your NetSuite set-up, or you need to create a complex multi-company, multi-currency, multi-forecast five-year financial model, our unique NetSuite plug-in for Excel gives you everything you need to manage your financial planning:

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Simple, Secure Access to Budgets

Define who needs to see what, create a template, and refresh the data with a single click and share the spreadsheet as required.


Analyse Every Possible Angle

Create as many versions of your budgets as you need and compare them in the one document with data pulled straight from NetSuite.

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Up-to-Date With a Single Click

Simply click 'refresh data' to populate all of your budgets and forecasts with the latest actuals from NetSuite - easy!


Award-winning NetSuite Planning & Budgeting Tool

Recognised by NetSuite as SuiteApp of the Year, our NetSuite Excel Reporting tool gives finance teams, globally, a tool to effortlessly build and publish high-quality, complex, real-time NetSuite budgets, forecasts and financial reports with full drill-down and drill-back to NetSuite.

How it works

Budget and Forecast Models in Excel. Instant Data from NetSuite.

Budgets and forecasts aren't static. They don't consist solely of financial data within NetSuite. They're meant to be rolling and interactive, continually evolving in response to the 'actuals'.

Solution 7 gives you the freedom to build templates and models in Excel (including custom formulae or calculations) which provide everything you need to know, whilst pushing and pulling data to and from NetSuite with the click of a button.

Automate Complex NetSuite Forecasts, including FX.

The challenge with complex scenarios is just that - they're complex. Normally consisting of large amounts of fast-moving data, located in different areas of NetSuite, it can be challenging to achieve live visibility of the information you need without going to find it every day.

Using our proven Excel reporting tool for NetSuite, you can easily configure templates to pull specific data, instantly, from anywhere in NetSuite. From foreign currency valuations to advanced cashflow forecasts, the chances are our software is probably already doing what you need for one of our hundreds of customers globally.

Unlimited Budgets, Forecasts, & Comparisons from NetSuite.

Ask more questions and drive better answers!

Beyond simply creating multiple budgets or re-forecasts in NetSuite, by automatically pulling all of your NetSuite data into Excel you can create unlimited budgeting and forecasting models to analyse any number of scenarios.

Uniquely, Solution 7 also enables you to easily compare and contrast multiple versions of your budgets and forecasts, side-by-side, in the same report.

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What types of budgets and forecasts can I create?

NetSuite Financial Planning

Whatever you need to plan, or analyse, Solution 7 gives you all the flexibility of Excel with all the power of your NetSuite data - it's the best of both worlds. 

Typical NetSuite Budgeting & Forecasting Scenarios we Support in Excel

Budgets vs Actuals

  • Monthly

  • Quarterly

  • Annual

  • Multi-Year

  • Rolling Periods

Forecasts & Re-Forecasts

  • Limitless Versions

  • Easily create variations using standard Excel functionality

  • Side-by-side comparisons

Cashflow Forecasting

  • Short-Term

  • Long-Term

  • Foreign Currency Revaluation

Hear Directly From Our Customers

Hear what our happy NetSuite customers have to say about the impact Solution 7 has had on their business.

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Recognised in 2018 by the Financial Times as the UK's #1 Tech Growth Company, SuperAwesome work with some of the world's best known brands to 'make the internet safer for kids'.


Take 1 minute to hear what their FD, Thomas Platford, had to say!

What existing users think

“With Solution 7 we have simple to understand, accurate reports that give us the confidence to make sound business decisions based on the facts.”

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- Mark Ellis, Group Finance Director, Actegy Health

Solution 7

Solution 7's award-winning SuiteApp provides finance professionals with all the power and capability of NetSuite’s reporting within the familiar and flexible interface of Microsoft Excel.

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