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NetSuite ODBC (SuiteAnalytics Connect) 

Having all the data in NetSuite is only half the battle. Use NetSuite ODBC to connect NetSuite to Excel with Solution 7 and take back control of your financial reporting. Create simple, shareable and instantly refreshable NetSuite reports in Excel. 

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NetSuite Data in Excel, Instantly

Giving finance teams home advantage to create NetSuite reports

Using NetSuite's ODBC Connector (SuiteAnalytics Connect), Solution 7 provides a unique interface for experienced Excel users to easily navigate NetSuite's data structure and build tailored, refreshable reports. 

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Point & Click Report Builder

It's easy, with our user-friendly you just select the NetSuite fields you want to include in your report, insert them in the appropriate cell, and save.

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Instantly Refreshable

Whether you are working from pre-defined report packs or creating a report on-the-fly, simply 'refresh data' and have up-to-date NetSuite reports in an instant.

What are you looking to achieve from NetSuite with ODBC?

NetSuite Reporting

Easy-to-create, attractive, refreshable NetSuite financial reporting to improve day-to-day visibility for you and your team.

NetSuite Budgets & Forecasts

Flexibility to create budgets, forecasts, and re-forecasts whilst harnessing standard Excel functionality to address any scenario.


Award-winning NetSuite Developer

Recognised by NetSuite as SuiteApp of the Year, our NetSuite Excel Integration gives customers all over the world a tool to effortlessly build and publish high-quality, complex, real-time NetSuite reports and financial forecasts with full drill-down and drill-back to NetSuite.

What our customers say

“With Solution 7 we have simple to understand, accurate reports that give us the confidence to make sound business decisions based on the facts.”

- Mark Ellis, Group Finance Director, Actegy Health

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Solution 7

Solution 7's award-winning SuiteApp provides finance professionals with all the power and capability of NetSuite’s reporting within the familiar and flexible interface of Microsoft Excel.

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