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NetSuite Reporting Capabilities in Excel with Solution 7

NetSuite has become the leading cloud-based ERP due to its strong financial offering and reporting capabilities. And, with Solution 7’s highly rated SuiteApp, you can bring these strong traits into the familiar territory of Microsoft Excel in real-time!

Excel is the universal tool of finance experts around the world, giving your team a flexible and dynamic solution to get the insight they need quickly and easily. That is why we created Solution 7, to give you all the power of NetSuite with the familiarity and flexibility of Excel. In this article, you will learn how Solution 7 adds tremendous value to NetSuite’s reporting capabilities.

Reports & Dashboard

Picture the perfect ERP setup - it has all the data from all areas of the business entered once before flowing into reports and dashboards to give important insights about what matters to your business.

NetSuite ERP provides hundreds of standard pre-built reports and dashboards to help growing companies make smarter business decisions.

Run Free in Excel with your NetSuite Data

With Solution 7, NetSuite reports can be fully customizable in Excel. Just pull down the fields you want to see in your report and with a simple point and a click, watch the data populate before your eyes.

Image showing the refresh sheet button to update NetSuite data in Excel

Use Excel’s graph and charting capability to create refreshable dashboards from your live NetSuite data. Adding Solution 7 to your NetSuite reporting package provides another way to solve your reporting requirements and get more visibility on your business.

Now you have an Excel file with all the information you could dream of with Solution 7 providing flexibility to your core financial reporting.

NetSuite OneWorld

NetSuite’s OneWorld module is a game-changer for businesses operating across multiple subsidiaries and regions. You can manage the whole business in one place, without having to integrate multiple databases and interfaces.

The ability to extend reporting to more than one subsidiary allows visibility on intercompany journals, multi-company transactions, and foreign currency revaluation. This gives NetSuite an unrivalled ability to provide insight to an entire Group from one central location.

NetSuite data from multiple subsidiaries all within one Excel sheet

Flexibility to Compare Data In & Out of NetSuite

Solution 7 extends the great features of NetSuite OneWorld to give the finance team the power to easily pull multi-subsidiary and multi-currency transactions into Excel and create robust reports that can be refreshed at any time.

Solution 7’s drill down feature allows users to view complex scenarios such as the GL impact of intercompany transactions in their base currency and account currency, in just a few clicks.

Whether you want to simply add a chart to your consolidated month-end reports or play around with FX rates to understand potential gains or losses across the group, with Solution 7 you can build your reports driven by your business data.

Operational Excellence

NetSuite might be known for its financial prowess, but its capabilities extend into operational areas too. Tracking sales performance, managing inventory levels and optimising procurement processes has never been easier with NetSuite.

Data Insight at Every Level

Solution 7’s features not only include high-level financial reporting but granule inventory and operational analysis too. Easily manage product sales and inventory levels with the pivot integration to easily slice and dice your data.

You can use Solution 7 to pull daily, weekly and month-to-month transactions into Excel from all areas of the business to gain insight on your business operations whenever you need it.

Solution 7 also provides the finance team the ability to pull non-posting documents such as POs and SOs making it easy to quickly analyse financial data, forecast future trends, and budget for upcoming expenses.

Drill-down capability on NetSuite data in Excel

From Technical to Financial

Solution 7’s seamless connection to NetSuite in Excel with drill down and drill back to NetSuite makes it a must-have tool for any finance professional.

By connecting using ODBC, our bi-directional integration allows NetSuite to handle the data collection and storage, while you handle live calculations, forecasting and reporting in Excel. All you need to do is click ‘refresh’ and your reports will be updated with the latest figures in seconds.

The reporting capabilities of NetSuite combine both the users’ financial and technical skillset. Solution 7 removes the need to learn a new platform and set of tools to be able to build the reports you need. Let Solution 7 take care of the technical side of things and allow your users to build and distribute the reports in a way that suits your business.


NetSuite’s business management and reporting capabilities are a cornerstone of its value proposition to those considering a new ERP system. With great pre-built reports and dashboards that cover all aspects of your business operations, it is easy to see why NetSuite is the leading cloud-based ERP system.

Now with Solution 7, you can complement what NetSuite offers with the familiarity and flexibility of Microsoft Excel to build, automate and distribute your reports, your way.

Hundreds of companies around the world trust Solution 7 to give them easy control of their NetSuite data. Find out why we are the number one rated SuiteApp for financial reporting and planning by booking a demo today.

About Solution 7

Solution 7’s award-winning SuiteApp provides finance professionals with all the power and capability of NetSuite’s reporting within the familiar and flexible interface of Microsoft Excel. Recognised by NetSuite as ‘SuiteApp of the Year’ in 2018, Solution 7 is one of the most, and highest, rated apps on, with an average rating of 4.8/5 from almost 100 reviews.


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