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Why NetSuite and Solution 7 are a Dynamic Financial Reporting Solution

Agile and efficient financial reporting solutions are critical for fast-growing companies in any industry. Timely and accurate financial reporting is the cornerstone of informed decision-making because it ensures that businesses can adapt, thrive, and think strategically during difficult situations.

NetSuite, a leading cloud-based ERP system, has emerged as a financial and business management software powerhouse. When NetSuite is combined with Solution 7's reporting solution, they form a dynamic duo that empowers finance professionals to create, publish, and analyze financial data effortlessly.

Quick and Accurate Financial Reporting is Essential

Technology is constantly evolving, and financial regulations can feel like they are changing just as rapidly. Companies require accurate and timely financial reporting to navigate an increasingly complex business environment. Here are a few of the benefits of quick and precise financial reporting:

  • Real-Time Decision-Making: Quick or instant access to financial data facilitates informed, real-time decisions. Every moment counts for fast-growing businesses, and delayed reporting can result in missed opportunities or poor choices.

  • More Control Over Resource Allocation: Efficient financial reporting enables better resource allocation. Companies can allocate funds to high-performing areas of business, invest in growth opportunities, and cut costs where necessary.

  • Better Compliance: Timely and accurate reporting ensures better compliance with regulations and standards. You have more time to pivot if needed and more accurate information upon which to base your compliance activities. Fast-growing companies often have increased scrutiny, and compliance failures can result in significant setbacks.

  • Improved Investor and Stakeholder Confidence: Investors and stakeholders expect transparency and reliability in financial reporting. Meeting these expectations is crucial to maintain trust and attract investment.

NetSuite: The Cloud ERP Finance Platform of Choice

NetSuite is renowned for its comprehensive suite of financial management tools. Here are a few reasons why it is the go-to solution for fast-growing companies:

  • Scalability: NetSuite grows with your business. As you expand, it seamlessly accommodates additional transactions, users, and entities, eliminating the need for costly migrations to new systems. You can add new modules, integrate new software, and much more. 

  • Centralized Data: NetSuite consolidates all your financial and critical business data in one place, eliminating data silos. This centralization provides a single source of truth for reporting, reducing errors and inefficiencies.

  • Automation: NetSuite has substantial automation capabilities because it is a unified system with centralized data. This enables NetSuite customers to streamline routine financial processes and minimize errors so they can focus on higher-priority tasks. 

  • Customization: NetSuite is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor your financial reporting to your unique business needs. Create custom financial statements, dashboards, and KPIs that matter most to your growth.

Solution 7: Elevating Financial Reporting with Excel

Solution 7 takes NetSuite's financial reporting capabilities to the next level, particularly for those who rely on Microsoft Excel for data analysis. Here are a few ways Solution 7 empowers finance professionals: 

  • Live Data: Solution 7's has the unique ability to access live NetSuite Financial and Operational Data for reporting and budgeting purposes.  A key benefit to having access to this directly within Excel is that Solution 7 then allows you to update budget information and push it right back into NetSuite.

  • Drill-Down and Drill-Back: Dive deep into your financial data with full drill-down and drill-back capabilities. Analyze transactions, pinpoint issues, and make data-driven decisions right within Excel.

  • Report Publishing: Quickly create and publish management reports, forecasts, and financial statements. Solution 7 streamlines the report generation process, saving time and effort.

  • Seamless Integration: Solution 7 is a native solution built within NetSuite. This ensures data accuracy and consistency across your reporting processes.

Final thoughts

For fast-growing companies, financial reporting is not just a necessity; it is a strategic advantage. NetSuite provides a solid foundation for financial management, offering scalability, integration, and automation. When coupled with Solution 7's reporting solution, finance professionals gain unparalleled capabilities, enabling them to create, analyze, and seamlessly share financial data. 

Author Bio

April Holman is the Chief Solution Officer and ERP Practice Director at SuiteCentric, an Oracle NetSuite Solution Provider and two-time Inc. 5000 honoree (2021, 2022). She leads all ERP activities and helps to facilitate growth for the company by leveraging her 25+ years of ERP consulting, sales, and accounting experience across a variety of industries including distribution, nonprofit, and financial services, among many others. Please visit for NetSuite information and pricing.


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