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Solution 7 Named NetSuite Partner of the Year

NetSuite today announced that Solution 7 has been named the 2018 SuiteApp of the Year at NetSuite’s SuiteWorld18 event in Las Vegas, NV.

Guido Haarmans. Simon Miles and Andy Iyengar SuiteApp of the Year Presentation

Solution 7 brings real-time NetSuite Reporting to Microsoft Excel. It empowers the CFO and the CFO’s team to build and publish live management reports, forecasts, and financial statements in Excel with full drill-down and drill-back to live NetSuite data.

On making the award, Guido Haarmans, head of NetSuite SDN, said “Solution 7 has built and amazing SuiteApp with simplicity and flexibility in mind. With it’s 1-hour implementation, Solution 7 is a terrific enhancement to NetSuite’s native reporting. It’s a great SuiteApp from a great team. “

When asked about the award Simon Miles, founder and CTO, Solution 7 described the award as “A great day for Solution 7. Not only does this award validate our customers decision to choose Solution 7, it recognizes the hard work and dedication of every member of the Solution 7 team and highlights our commitment to all NetSuite customers and to NetSuite’s growth over the past 5 years and into the future.”

Solution 7 Free Trial

If you would like to try Solution 7 for yourself, you can download a free 30-day trial using this link.

About Solution 7

Solution 7 is a Microsoft Excel based SuiteApp for spreadsheet-based financial reporting and dynamic financial planning. With Solution 7, NetSuite users can use their Excel skills to build high quality financial reports and manage your budget and forecasting models with ease by creating live, interactive, spreadsheets with full drill-down and drill-back to NetSuite.


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