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NetSuite Excel Integration

With Solution 7’s Award-Winning Excel interface, you can use SuiteAnalytics Connect to combine all the power of NetSuite with the familiarity and flexibility of Excel to build and distribute your financial reports.

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Integrate NetSuite with Excel in 3 Easy Steps


Connect via ODBC

Our expert team walk you through the process of connecting NetSuite to Excel using ODBC, getting you set up, with training, in under an hour.


Set Up Your Sheets

 Use Solution 7 to point and click through the NetSuite data structure and insert any combination of fields into the desired cells in Excel.


Start Reporting

Use Excel as normal to create the reports you need and whenever you want to see the latest data from NetSuite, just click 'refresh'.

Award-Winning NetSuite Reporting Tool

Previously recognised by NetSuite as SuiteApp of the Year, our software gives customers all over the world a tool to effortlessly build and publish high-quality, complex, real-time NetSuite reports and financial forecasts with full drill-down and drill-back to NetSuite from the comfort of Excel..

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NetSuite Through an Excel Lens

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The Best of Both Worlds

Leverage real-time NetSuite data in Microsoft Excel. Drill down into numbers, make calculations and forecasts and present meaningful spreadsheets and dashboards that are always up to date.  

Goodbye Manual CSV Uploads

Easily view reports and dashboards when you want to instead of being hindered by manual exports and uploads. Solution 7 enables you to push and pull NetSuite data without the hassle of leaving Excel.

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Build Once, Refresh Forever

An “always-on” SuiteApp, using Solution 7 with your NetSuite Excel integration means that once you build your reports, refreshing data is just one click away. Update your dashboards, reports, and cells in a matter of seconds. 

What our NetSuite customers say

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2 Jul, 2022 | Gartner Review

“Solution 7, basically NetSuite in Excel”

This company had the small business touch.
As a large public company, it is important for us to have a close relationship with our vendors.


Feb 9, 2022 | Gartner Review

"Solution 7. An Incredible Tool For Any FP&A Professional Wanting To Analyze Data From NS "

Initially purchased it for a single use purpose but it is quickly turning out to be a swiss army knife of tricks and is satisfying all the data nerds in our organization.

Why Solution 7?

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Easy to Use

Use existing knowledge to own reporting, planning, and budgeting in a way that is familiar.


Flexibility Built In

Share reports and workbooks via email, the cloud, or PDF even with those outside of NetSuite.  

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Quick Installation

Get your team up and running quickly, with installation and training in under an hour.

Find out how Solution 7 works for your business

Our customers use Solution 7 for a wide range of reporting requirements across different industries.

Speak to our team 1-1 to find out how Solution 7 can work for you. 

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Ready to transform the way you build and view NetSuite reports in Excel?

Solution 7 software is used by NetSuite customers the world over, from startups to enterprises and remains the highest-rated SuiteApp for Excel Reporting on SuiteApp.comStart the conversation today.

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